The Leaders in On-Demand, Decision Ready Residential Data - Since 1964

Bluebook International was founded in 1964 and remains centered on collecting meaningful, measurable, and actionable property data beneficial to our clients. Our solutions are developed from decades of hands-on experience in auditing of construction costs, trends, and processes. Bluebook understands the financial and material risk in misrepresenting property data and sets meaningful standards to ensure accuracy.

We integrate our decades of proven best-execution standards and practices into all our industry offerings creating value, reducing risks, and streamlining the process at each step in the property valuation life cycle. Our solutions are configurable and designed to solve your specific business issues, supporting data integrity, risk mitigation, and compliance requirements.

Built In Bluebook Technology

The backbone of our solutions is Bluebook's "SmartData" calculation engine. "SmartData" has over 40 Years of calculations and housing data used to compare and calculate properties based on the same quality and features.