The Experts in Residential Repair & Remodel Cost Data

Bluebook offers a suite of cost estimating solutions enabling anyone, from a contractor to a real estate agent, to a homeowner, the ability to easily and accurately estimate the cost of their home repair and remodel projects. All of our solutions offer line item costs specific to the property's zip-code.

Contractors and Handymen:

Professional contractor estimation. Designed from the ground up with features to enhance estimation accuracy and communication resulting in time saved and increased profits.

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Homeowners and DIY:

The Bluebook PROject Estimator  gives homeowners the ability to estimate their own repair or remodel project before talking to a contractor. You're the PROfessional!

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Real Estate Agents and Inspectors:

The Bluebook Repair Estimator  enables Real Estate Agents and Inspectors to accurately estimate repair costs for inclusion in their BPO's and Inspections.

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Data Integration Services

Bluebook's  residential cost data is also available via seamless integration through XML or Web Services.
For more information contact our integration specialist at (888) 425-8326

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